2-in-1 Math Chinese Board

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Product Description

Chinese-Math 2-in-1 Learning Resource Set in sweet pastel colors!

Incorporating the key functions and benefits of the popular ‘hundred board’, this value set could also be used in similar ways with similar objectives. Plus, it’s versatile and you may stack the cubes to form domino tiles, sort them by color, anything that suits the age and development for your child!

Suitable for children 3 years and up.


  • 1-100 wooden numerical cubes and on the flip side,
  • 100 commonly used Chinese characters
  • 100 counting sticks
  • Wooden math equation board (+, -, x,  ÷, >, <)


Key Benefits:

  • Open-ended use
  • Number recognition
  • Number sequencing
  • Counting
  • Introduction to Mathematical equations (for older children)
  • Introduction to commonly used Chinese characters
  • Hand-eye Coordination