Worldly-Wise International Pre-School is unique due to the fact that school and after-school programs are fully integrated. This makes us a fully integral child centre; as opposed to other schools where the formal school program and after-school program are managed and operated by two separate organisations.

In addition to having a fixed learning environment that children are based in throughout the day, activity guides offer additional activities that children may choose to attend. There are both individual activities or activities with other children. In addition to the set schedule, children can also sign up for activities that are offered for a limited time only, for instance: 6 weeks.

Preparation For Primary One

Preparation for Primary One

The Worldly-Wise children will be groomed in accordance with our domains

  1. Positive learning disposition
  2. Moral values & compassion
  3. Social & emotional development
  4. Physical well-being and motor development
  5. Cognitive skills (early mathematics and science education)
  6. Language & literacy development

Expected Outcomes

  1. Listen and pay attention in class
  2. Follow instructions and class rules
  3. Work independently without distracting friends
  4. Work cooperatively in a group
  5. Remember and carry out daily routines
  6. Personal grooming and hygiene needs
  7. Socialise, play and get along well with friends
  8. Communicate, ask questions, and seek help when needed
  9. Sense of responsibility towards self, friends, tasks and environment

Group Size

  • The group size is kept to a minimum to ensure that attention is given to each child.


  • To provide professional, safe and conducive learning environment to preschoolers.
  • Cultivate the natural desire to explore and to maintain a lifelong learning attitude in every child.
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