Our Approach

Worldly-Wise International Pre-School provides high-quality education for the children that enroll with us. Our premium lesson plans and emphasis on subjects that can bolster your child’s creativity put us a notch above our competitors. Our preschool promotes fostering young minds through engaging and innovative teaching methods.

We in Worldly-Wise International Pre-School believe that being hands-on in our classroom is the most efficient way to teach our students. With our programs that rely on the International Baccalaureate (IB) Framework, we can track how your children are doing and where they need extra help!

Expect nothing but the best when you enroll your little achiever in Wordly-Wise International Preschool. We prepare your child for primary school and help them excel in their future classes

Journey With Your Child

Worldly-Wise International Pre-School believes that education doesn’t happen in the classroom alone and with our extensive outdoor area located in Hometeam-NS, our campus allows learning within and outside of the classroom. We believe that education is a journey that involves academics and building on lifelong skills that your child will use in the future.

Our premium education program features the lowest teacher-to-student ratio in Singapore (1 teacher to 4 students; only applicable to the Playgroup Classes) This ensures that your child can thoroughly learn without pressure while still being able to enjoy the company of others.

Expect nothing but the best form of education for your child when you enroll them in the interactive and engaging classes at Worldly-Wise International Pre-School. All the programs that we’ve procured, from mathematics to robotics, have been carefully planned to maximize the learning process of your future achiever!

Join Us Now!

Learn more about the exciting Worldly-Wise experience! Our broad, fun, and enriching curriculum offerings, balanced with varied unique enrichments! Book a school tour right away or drop us a WhatsApp for more information!