Languages we Offer

Worldly-Wise International Preschool is the first trilingual preschool in Singapore. We believe children can learn multiple languages at once and the benefits are endless. It is also our belief that language is 'caught AND taught', therefore we provide a good balance of play-based learning with formal course book learning in our language studies.

English, Mandarin Chinese and Japanese language are part of our curriculum. Our children are exposed to all 3 of them from Playgroup (18 months and above) and enjoy daily engaging and interactive language lessons. Each of these lessons is formal and given equal importance.

Children learn and grow in a supportive environment where professional native teachers affirm and reinforce their multilingual skills and encourage them to speak in their non-dominant language. Our lessons are rich in motives, packed with interesting and informative hands-on experiences which invite our children to discover.

All languages lessons follow the IB curriculum, thus providing reinforcement of themes across all languages which heightens their language development.

Variety Of Languages

English Language

  • Child-led Inquiry-based learning which follows the IB theme set for the term.
  • Broad and Dynamic themes where children learn how the world works, self-expression and develop an international-mindedness.
  • Mastery of Phonics through fun and multi-sensory approach.
  • Interactive experiences through games, puzzles, nursery rhymes, songs, story-telling and role-playing for their concerts.
  • Numeracy-infused English lessons

Mandarin Chinese Language

  • Weekly Calligraphy, Story-telling and Role-playing.
  • Mastery of Hànyǔ Pīnyīn, the Romanization of Chinese characters based on their pronunciation.
  • Exposure to Mandarin nursery rhymes, songs, classic Tang poetries and themed-vocabularies
  • Learn Strokes and Radicals with Sensory-based materials
  • Introduction of the Chinese culture and customs through crafts and games

Japanese Language

  • Introduction of the Hiragana systematically and progressively throughout the grades
  • Build foundation writing skills by practising strokes on engaging Japanese course books
  • Learn Strokes and Radicals with Sensory-based materials
  • Exposure to popular Japanese Teasobi (fingerplay songs), nursery rhymes, and themed-vocabularies
  • Introduction of Japanese culture through celebrations of festivals and simulation of Japanese seasonal activities
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