Worldly-Wise International Pre-school is unique due to the fact that school and after-school programs are fully integrated. This makes us a fully integral child centre; as opposed to other schools where the formal school program and after-school program are managed and operated by two separate organisations.

In addition to having a fixed learning environment that children are based in throughout the day, activity guides offer additional activities that children may choose to attend. There are both individual activities or activities with other children. In addition to the set schedule, children can also sign up for activities that are offered for a limited time only, for instance: 6 weeks.

Enrichment Programmes


A pianica or melodica is a harmony of a wind instrument and a piano key accordion. Our children enjoys weekly lessons with this fun and unique instrument.
  • Enhancing eye-hand-mouth coordination
  • Developing Spatial and Temporal reasoning
  • Learning about rhythms, beats, notes and chords
  • Playing simple nursery rhymes and songs
  • Applying practical and theory to other instruments
  • Taking learning further with piano or keyboard lessons


It will never replace the piano, but violin has been gaining popularity in music education for early years! Children receive formal group practice weekly and improve their skills gradually.
  • Improving memory capability
  • Enhancing hand-eye coordination
  • Inculcating discipline through weekly practices
  • Building patience and attention span
  • Sensory developments such as hearing, touch and sight
  • Physical benefits (Better posture, stronger upper body strength and improved motor skills)


Children learn swim basics while enjoying and getting acclimated to being in the water!
  • Improving strength, flexibility, stamina and overall fitness
  • Acquiring swimming skills as well as water safety knowledge
  • Prevent or overcome potential fear of the water
  • Practice proper body position and breath control
  • Progress at their own pace with small group lessons
  • Develop advanced physical and cognitive abilities


Children have fun, get exposed to a variety of sports and pick up movement skills through appropriately designed activities.
  • Acquire a variety of sports skills
  • Build confidence and coordination of body movements
  • Improve physical fitness and mental wellbeing
  • Develop teamwork and social skills
  • Gain an understanding of sportsmanship and fair play
  • Establish a lifelong love for sports and an active lifestyle

Mandarin Immersion

Mandarin Immersions help our children greatly in transiting to Primary School. It is equivalent to small group tuitions where children are divided according to proficiency
  • Three sessions a week
  • Deepen Mandarin speaking, listening, reading, and writing capacity.
  • Focusing on Pronunciation and Mastering Hanyu Pinyin
  • Learning of Classical Tang Poetry with songs, stories, and illustrations
  • The entire immersion session is carried out in Mandarin

Japanese Immersion

Japanese Immersions help local children learn in depth about their third language and assist Japanese children greatly in transiting to Japanese Elementary Schools in Singapore or prepare for a move back to Japan.
  • Three sessions a week
  • Deepen Japanese speaking, listening, reading, and writing capacity.
  • Focusing on Pronunciation and Mastering Hiragana
  • Reinforcing learning of 46 basic hiragana characters (71 including diacritics) through songs and games
  • Fun themed conversation practice
  • The entire immersion session is carried out in Japanese

Robotics and Coding

Exposing our children to technology and engineering at an early age through robotic kits and a structured age-appropriate curriculum. Fundamental coding concepts are introduced in an engaging and easy-to-understand format with minimal screen time.
  • Well-loved weekly sessions across all grades
  • Progressive learning approach through structured curriculum
  • Strengthening critical thinking skills
  • Developing better logical, computation and analytical thinking
  • Empowering children to consume and produce digital technology simulataneously
  • End goal of coding a robot by K2

Current Affairs

Providing opportunities for our young ones to speak up in front of a small group through a weekly newspaper article sharing session where children share a variety of topics, convey their thoughts and answer their friends' and teachers' questions.
  • Honing communication skills through weekly sessions
  • Exploring and find out topics that interests them
  • Increasing confidence to speak up in a group setting
  • Learning about and relating to the world through news
  • Growing extensive vocabulary and descriptive language
  • Developing story-telling skills and conceptual thinking
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