About Us
Said to be the first music-themed preschool with an enriched, trilingual curriculum, Worldly-Wise International Pre-School was founded by a certified Montessorian. The school was expanded from a Music Centre, previously located in Cairnhill as the founder wanted to create a space that would unlock each child’s full potential and creativity. Rest easy, because your little one’s learning and developmental progress are well taken care of, and each day, there are individual sessions to ensure that they are able to maximize their learning process. The broad-based curriculum at this preschool in Singapore is a realistic one, and each subject matter on offer was chosen not only for its relevance to higher education but also for the level of community and personal enrichment it offers little learners. For example, certified swimming lessons are offered at Worldly-Wise, at no additional cost to you. Language immersion is also a priority here, and Worldly Wise offers Mandarin and Japanese immersion programs for little kids.

There’s a state-of-the-art concept at play here; one that builds on your child’s knowledge while equipping them with lifelong skills that will help them embrace societal challenges later on in life. Children are also actively involved, and are encouraged to complete productive tasks that can refine and further their skills. Want to see for yourself? You can also register by sending an email to [email protected]sg or send a message via Whatsapp to +659641 3386 to book a spot.