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Worldly-Wise International Pre-school is the first and only music-themed preschool with a unique trilingual curriculum. It is founded by a certified Montessorian who established a preschool from a music studio during her motherhood journey, with the idea of creating a one-stop holistic learning environment.

why chooseworldly-Wise International

International Baccalaureate Programme

Worldly-Wise International is a candidate school for the International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme. Typically the process takes about 2 years, and since our doors opened as of May 2021, we aim to be a certified school by May 2023. Worldly-Wise intentionally chose to offer the Primary-Years Programme as we believe the framework will allow for children to develop a global mindset as well as an inquisitive mindset.

Montessori Elements

We cover 2 facets of Montessori Education to complement our IB curriculum - Practical Life Skills and Mathematics. These sessions are a favorite among our children, they carry an emphasis on hands-on independent learning at each child's pace which further cultivates their love for learning.

Daily Music Sessions

We believe exposure to music at a young age is important. With a young absorbent mind, music increases their sensory development, self-expression, creativity, musical senses, and memory skills. Pianica is included in our music lessons for our N2, K1, and K2 children, while tone bars are introduced to the N1 children. PG class focuses more on music and movement and exposure to different types of percussion instruments.

Variety Of Enrichment Classes

Enrichment programs go beyond what a student is taught in school. It gives the advantage of involving students in the process that may appear to be unrelated to learning, but in actual fact, allow them to acquire essential skills in a distinct way from traditional print lessons. Carefully curated enrichments, such as Robotics and Certified Swimming are included as part of our school fees

STEAM Education

STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering Arts, and Mathematics. We have annual STEAM fairs in store for our children as well as STEAM activities incorporated on our Fun Fridays. Teachers plan learning experiences e.g. age-appropriate science experiements that allow children to explore, question, think beyond the surface and exercise their problem-solving and creativity skills.

Concerts and Performances

As a music-themed school, we place emphasis on concerts and performances. Worldly-Wise children build confidence, public-speaking skills, discover ways to express their ideas and feelings through triannual concerts and performances. We introduce them to the world of performing arts, carrying out trilingual musicals, plays, dances, songs, pianica recitals and many more.

Safe & Conducive Environment

A safe classroom is one in which students are physically, emotionally, and socially at ease. They feel confident that their needs will be met, that they will be protected by loving and respectful teachers and community members. The open-concept environment, equipped with various safeguards allows limitless explorations and creative collaborative activities within the classrooms.

Nutritious Meals

Let us wow you with our nut-free Worldly-Wise menu. We keep ingredients natural and organic without cutting back on the variety. We serve Japanese white and brown rice, an assortment of wholemeal pasta, organic udon with meats like Lacto Chicken™, and white fish. Fruits are also served every lunch to ensure our children's healthy growth and development.

Exciting Programmes For Your Child

Montessori Practical Life Skills

In the Practical Life Skills sessions, children develop fine motor skills through simple to complex daily life skills activities such as scooping, pouring, shoelacing and buttoning. This develops their independence, concentration levels, and a sense of responsibility towards themselves and the environment.

Montessori Mathematics

Mathematics is introduced using a variety of hands-on, visual, and physical learning aids. We make sure our children advance at their own pace while acuiring Mathematical principles logically from concrete to abstract

Group Pianica Lesson

Worldly-Wise makes music education fun, relevant, and effective for your children! Children will enjoy group pianica as part of their daily music lesson curriculum! In these lessons, children also learn the music theory, such as names of notes, how to play a simple scale, and recognise chords. (Begins from N2)

Group Violin Lesson

Group Violin lessons takes place once a week too! From these group music lessons, you can gauge your child's interest in violin and piano and consider signing up for formal one-to-one lessons within the preschool hours at our sister music school, Nozumi Musictopia. (Begins from N2)

Certified Swimming Class

Certified SwimSafer programmes takes place on Fun Fridays at the pool on the 1st floor. Our coaches conduct lessons and award certificates according to the national SwimSafer syllabus. Water safety is of paramount importance to us. Classes are conducted with a 1:5 coach to student ratio, and with our teachers standing by. Groups are arranged based on competency for effective learning. (Begins from N2)

Cultural Diversity and Learning Experiences

Learning a language, especially a foreign one isn’t just about memorising a list of words or a set of rules. Tying it to the country's culture, traditions and customs push our children's language learning progress and motivation to an exciting new level! Our children have had interesting events such as an autumn sweet potato harvesting simulation, celebration of iconic holidays like Hinamatsuri and Setsubun!

Multi-sports Programme

Worldly-Wise’s well-loved Multi-sports Programme exposes our children to a variety of age-appropriate sports. The older kids have their hands at soccer, basketball, baseball, tennis, soccer, hockey, golf, and many more. The younger ones work on skillsets like running, jumping, balancing, crawling, crossing the hurdle, aiming and pulling. Besides learning about sports, children are also taught about sportsmanship and fair-play.

Language Immersion Programme

Children choose either 1 of the immersion programs which takes place 3 times a week to deepen their language learning in preparation for Primary School education.

These immersion programmes are equivalent to small group tuitions where children are divided according to their proficiency level. Through visual aids and repetition, we help kids master Hanyu Pinyin, radicals, and stroke orders with a focus on writing independently.

Likewise, Japanese Immersion programme focuses on helping our children master Hiragana writing and pronunciation before entering a Japanese elementary school. Fun-themed conversation activities are also included in the sessions! (Begins from N2)

Daily Music Sessions

Daily music lessons for all ages taught by professional ABRSM-trained teachers. Introducing a variety of instruments, music crafts as well as numeracy and literacy-themed lessons. From N2 onwards, our children start exciting group Pianica and Violin lessons.

Robotics and Coding Session

We expose our children to technology and engineering at an early age through a range of robotic kits and a structured age-appropriate curriculum. Fundamental coding concepts are introduced in an engaging and easy-to-understand format with minimal screen time.

Current Affairs Session

Article Sharing Session on Fun Fridays is one of our engaging games and activities designed for our children to develop good public speaking skills! (Begins from N2)

Arts & Creative Expression

Children make seasonal crafts and enjoy painting and colouring with an assortment of tools on different materials! This sessions helps children to use their imaginations to create something that represents themselves and their feelings. They make relations, think critically about their world, practice visual communication, also learn colors, shapes, and sounds during these sessions.

Helpful Enrichment Programmes

The careful curation of enrichment programs, which includes the Multi-sports Programme, Certified Kids Swimming, Robotics and Coding are conducted at no extra costs.

Additionally, enjoy private one-to-one violin, piano, and ukulele lessons, held over at our sister-studio Nozumi Musictopia. They are offered at an attractive rate - only for children of Worldly-Wise. Piano and violin options are formal classes which prepares your children for practical and theory grade exams.

We believe that the enrichment programs will stretch the children's mind and mould their character into the school's expectation of a Worldly-Wise child.

What Parents & ChildrenSay About Us
-We happened upon worldly-wise when they were first opening. My wife and are more than glad we did! Our son was still too young, but we signed up after meeting principal Herman, seeing the great facilities, and learning more about the curriculum. Since our son started we have n0 regrets of sending him to worldly wise! Everything from the language courses to their friday gym days has made a big difference in our sons development. Instead of some schools we have seen where children are stuck in a chair all day, worldly wise really focuses on building social, spacial, and physical skills in everything they teach. Our son is happy to go to school and comes home happy everyday! The community of kids and parents is also something that we love about the school! Everyone is so kind and the even though our son is in the PG class even the older kids are very kind and respectful to him! This really shows how incredible the community it, and how well the school does at letting the kids interact with eachother and become friends. There is not a single bad thing to say and i suggest sending your children here without a doubt!
"We tried a few other schools but this suited my daughter the best. She has been with this school since 1 year plus (playgroup). It has been a wonderful learning journey and we hope that the school teachers will stay amazing and attentive. We love that she learns from a mix of English, Chinese, Japanese, sports, and music classes. They are attentive to her healthcare needs. The school is in a good, safe location as well. I actually appreciate that it's walking distance from novena / my workplace."
"1歳を過ぎてから学校を探し始めた頃にWorldly wiseが新設校で英語、中国語に加え日本語のクラスがあると知り見学に行きました。 両親が日本人なので、英語や中国語より文法などが難しいと言われる日本語に触れる学校に行きたいと思っていました。 週1回とかではなく、日本語の授業が毎日あることに加えて、日本人の先生がいる安心感がありました。 施設も体育館があって雨でも運動できて、娘の好きなプールも授業であるという所と、娘が大好きな音楽に力を入れているところ、何よりフルタイムで働いている我々にとって長い保育時間や健康に気遣った食事などありがたいことが多く、すぐに学校を申し込みました。 最初こそ緊張していた娘も、先生達のことが今では大好きで、彼女の成長には本当に驚かされています。 日本人の先生には日本語で話して、ローカルの先生には英語で切り替えて話せるようになっていく姿を見ると毎回感動してしまいます。 あとスクールアプリで毎日の様子をたくさん写真や動画などアップしてくれるのもすごく嬉しくて何回も見てしまいます。 シンガポールの文化と日本の四季折々の文化の両方を大事にしてくださっているので、親の方が改めて気づかされることも多く、娘と一緒になって勉強しています。"
"Glad I enrolled and chose Worldly-Wise for their preschool education as I wanted a play-based learning school. Love the fact that Worldly-Wise’s activities are well-designed learning programs to encourage children to learn independently and use their imagination while gaining social skills. Research have also shown that guided play have been proven effective to support early learning in kids and stimulates a child’s drive for exploration and discovery. Also, the fact that they get to pick up a 3rd language like Japanese in school. Meals served in school are also natural with organic ingredients that include facto chicken and Japanese rice in the menu. Daily updates and Enrichment Fridays (Multi-sports programme) are also part of the curriculum. What else not to love about this school? Can’t wait for both of them to also start their violin an swimming lessons which are also part of the curriculum from N2 onwards. Thank you to the principal and teachers for your love and dedication to the kids! "
" 1歳11ヶ月から息子がお世話になっています。 初めてのプリスクールだったこともあり、ローカルか日系か悩みましたが、シンガポールにいる間に英語や中国語にも触れて欲しいと思ったこと、そして母国語である日本語も基礎からしっかりと学んで欲しいという思いがあったことから、日本人の先生が常駐しているワールドリーに入園を決めました。 園長先生をはじめ熱心な先生方が多く、保護者の声にも積極的に耳を傾けてくださったり、その日の学習内容や食べたご飯の量、オムツを替えた時間なども専用のアプリを通じて細かく報告されるので、安心して子供を預けることができます。 また、Vivo KidsやSensory playなど独自のプログラムも取り入れており、子供もとても楽しんでいます。 日本の文化も大事にしているため、シンガポールにいながら四季折々の行事も体験させてもらえるのは親としても有り難いです。 お迎えに行くたびに息子がニコニコしながら出てくる姿を見ると、ワールドリーに入れて本当に良かったという気持ちになります。"
"I have sent my daughter to Worldly-Wise International for 5 months thus far, and I am amazed at how much she has learnt and grown since then. I am very happy with the staff at this school, as they have shown so much dedication and patience. We worked very closely with the principal and teachers to get my daughter used to school (as she had a hard time transiting), with very good communication provided on their end. Any feedback provided to us thus far has been for the benefit of my child, and has been useful for us to learn how to better guide her. I am also grateful at how committed the school is in updating the parents of their activities in school, where the curriculum is provided to us on a weekly basis, and photos are also updated almost daily. The curriculum is excellent -- incorporating English, Japanese, Chinese, Music and Montessori elements. Most important of all, I can see that my daughter is thriving in this school, and this is due to the hard work and dedication of her teachers and principal. I highly recommend this pre-school! I have zero regrets and am so happy that we managed to have discovered this school."
"Having sent my daughter since the school opened in April 2021, I can proudly share that Worldly-Wise International Pre-School (WWI) has far exceeded all our expectations and my girl is enjoying every day of school. I surely recommend WWI to any parent looking for a quality preschool. I am very thankful we trusted the Principal and the teachers we met during school tours, to place our child in a brand new school, instead of "big brands" in the vicinity. I've seen how my daughter is given the space to grow in a her own pace, with loving educators and a calm environment with respectful teachings in place. And at the same time, guiding her to learn to be age-appropriately independent and molding her ready for the future. What caught my attention about WWI was the transparency of the school and diverse curriculum. To list what comes to my mind: extremely low student to teacher ratio (1:4 for PG class), trilingual (daily immersion of English, Mandarin, Japanese language), Montessori elements integrated, extra-curriculum such as certified swimming lessons, music (think violin and sorts for upper levels) inclusive in fees, spacious and well-lit school environment, daily app updates, wholesome organic food served in school for healthier meals, high quality fresh milk served in school, daily shower for hygiene purposes and safe location enclaved within secure ground of HomeTeamNS. It took my daughter just three days to settle down in school with no tears at drop off. It was remarkable as I had prepared myself for a stressful two weeks of crying and inconsolable toddler at school drop offs. It is evident that she enjoyed school so much, many times she would scurry in to school so quickly she forgot to wave goodbye to us, until prompted by teachers. Even now, 7 months into preschool life, she loves school! She would tell us about her friends in school (not just her class), her favorite teacher Ms. Cam, her school Principal and also the activities/songs she enjoys in school. As a parent, being up to date to what my child does in school daily is important. It allows me to have a good idea of how the day went for her in school (i.e. the teacher updates in the app, time of shower, amount of milk consumed, food served for all 3 meals in school (adorable photos of my daughter eating lunch), nap duration, diaper changes (poo consistency included), and any other notes from teachers would be included as well). I am pretty sure most preschools are not so diligent in updating the daily stuffs, and I am always proud to share with friends and boast this as a very attracting USP for WWI. I do not have to wait till weekends to get updates on what my daughter has been for the past week. Besides daily updates on their day-to-day activities, teachers also provide a clear overview of the lesson plan for the week. This enables us as parents to recap and repeat the key pointers at home. I love how the school works hand in hand with parents to ensure education and exposure is done concurrently. Several photos of my daughter engaged in these lessons/activities are also being shared through the app throughout the week. The school sends their artwork back home on a regular basis, with names and dates clearly labelled. Certainly there were little hiccups along the way and one or two very minor incidents happening, but they are minimal and the Principal has always been very prompt and transparent in providing first-hand information and constant follow-ups with us. The founder also very genuinely reached out to find out what could be improved. Feedbacks given to the school were always taken seriously and acted upon to ensure all parties are protected. The school and its staff has always uphold an extremely high standard of professionalism and also at the same time ensuring the welfare and safety of all children are being safeguarded. It is evident that kids are the priority here in WWI, I am at drop offs and pick ups 90% of the time, and I witness how happy children of WWI are, and how teachers engage with parents during these short intervals."
"Worldly-Wise provides a calm and loving environment for my children to grow and learn in. We love how the teachers and principals work hand in hand with parents in the best interest of the child’s psychological, social emotional and intellectual development. Personally, I saw my child grow in his emotional stability. Most importantly, he is happy. The teachers have sparked his interest in learning and are able to guide him along his inquisitiveness about the world."
-Shi Jie
"There are many reasons why I chose to transfer my son from his previous preschool to Worldly-Wise International Pre-school. One of the reasons is their trilingual environment, which intergrates English, Mandarin and Japanese languages. I went for their open house and discovered that their classrooms are set-up with the influences from both Montessori as well as Japanese. Worldly-Wise Montessori Preschool in fact is the first music-themed Montessori preschool in Singapore. With its Multi-Faceted Enrichment Lessons (ABRSM Music, Yoga for Kids, Swimming), means that I can stop my external swim classes! Their meals are also HPB Certified. I am surprised that they do incorporate in Japanese Elements (Organic Vegetables, KINMEMAI Japanese Premium Rice). I believe all these factors warrant a change of school for Enzo!"
"We love this school! The staff is loving and goes the extra mile to make sure kids feel welcome and learn while having fun. The facilities are well designed to maximise safety and well being. There is great communication between the teachers, the principal and the parents, facilitated through an app and daily updates. The curriculum is excellent, and so is the food they prepare."
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Emergency Childcare - Should you or your family require adhoc or emergency services, we can arrange for your child to attend school with us. Feel free to drop us a Whatsapp message to find out more.

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